Take a moment to listen to yourself, the environment, and God.

Pilgrimage is an ancient living tradition. Through the ages, people have longed for holy places and made trips to them. The motives and meanings of the trip are given by the pilgrim himself.

In Hämeenlinna, you can find pilgrimage routes, where meditative texts and topics for prayer are provided. You can access the routes with a Google Maps app (for now, only in Finnish).

Take your time and proceed in peace, alone or with a travel companion. 

Pilgrimage Routes

Pilgrimage in Hämeenlinna city center

Lovers' pilgrimage in Aulanko

Pilgrimage via churches in Hattula, Hämeenlinna, and Janakkala

Pilgrimage in Hämeenlinna City Center (4.5 km) 

This pilgrimage route invites you to admire the landscapes of Hämeenlinna in silence. You’ll get to see the downtown and lakes. Also the history of Hämeenlinna is present alongside the route. 

The hiking trail challenges its hikers to reflect on their own lives. Where are you right now? What kind of stability and support do you need? What is your life’s current direction? 

The silent pilgrimage begins at the site of the old church and ends at the fountain at Hämeenlinna Church. If the church is open, you can also stop by and take a break. 

The total length of the route is about 4.5 kilometers. 


Lovers’ Pilgrimage in Aulanko (4.5 km) 

This pilgrimage invites us to explore our common journey and all the good that has supported it. The route is designed to be strolled with a partner and to inspire discussion. 

The starting point of the route is at the hotel and spa car park. The length is about 4.5 kilometers. 

Take your time and proceed in peace, alone or with a travel companion.

Pilgrimage via Churches in Hattula, Hämeenlinna and Janakkala (30/61 km) 

Reserve some time for traveling on foot, by bike or by car. Take a moment to breathe freely and meditate. At the same time, get to know the churches of Häme. 

The pilgrimage via the Church of the Holy Cross in Hattula, the churches of Hämeenlinna and Vanaja and the Church of St. Lawrence in Janakkala is particularly suitable for cycling. The hike combines history, architecture, the traditional landscape of Häme and the beauty of church gardens, as well as silence of churches. 

You can choose the northern Hämeenlinna-Janakkala route or the southern Hämeenlinna-Hattula route, both about 30km long. If you do both laps of the figure of eight route, the length is 61 km. 

The hike has been planned together with the parishes of Janakkala and Hattula. Check the opening hours of the churches on the parish websites.